A Clean-Free Accommodation

5 11 2011

My wife and I searched online and found a great rate for a hotel in North Carolina that was really low so we reserved the room and expected that our trip would be great. The hotel itself looked the same, but the condition of it was a little off. Walking into the room was like walking into a sauna; the room was disgustingly hot and smelled quite foul. The curtains were red from the outside, but on the inside, resembled a coppery look that didn’t look natural. The ceiling was black in the corner with mouldy slime dripping down suspended in air. The room just looked like a dump.

My wife, being the clean freak she is, stormed to the front desk and demanded another room, but the second one was worse. The bed was half the size of the previous room and the carpet was a weird shade of green in some areas. The bed itself had dampness about it and the sheets were actually covered in stains and still had hairs in it from the previous guests. The bathroom was the worse! The toilet was actually about three inches from the ground and spotted with brown and yellow sludge. The sink was littered with a black film and the shower actually had a giant hole in the bottom exposing mould, grime, and a cleaning nightmare. We didn’t even bother getting another room and just found somewhere else to go.



4 11 2011

John described his flight over to Ireland, and how he came to hate flying even more after it: “I have never liked flying, and once we were airborne I did not feel any more relaxed than I did when waiting to get on board.  As we travelled over the Atlantic Ocean the seatbelt sign came on – not that it made a difference to me as I always keep mine on anyway.  I took this to mean one thing – that the plane was going to hit some turbulence.

“And we did.  We hit it big time.  The plane began shuddering, and our drinks toppling off our little tables.  Then the plane began swerving up and down, it was like being on a rollercoaster except you know that you are thousands of feet up and there is nothing keeping you in the air other than the speed of the airplane.  The lights in the aisles began flickering on and off as the turbulence seemed to get worse and worse.  Eventually the oxygen masks fell down from the ceiling.  That is when people began being sick and crying and screaming for help.

“Eventually the plane seemed to steady itself and everyone calmed down.  I have to admit that I have never been so glad to be on the ground, and I don’t think that I will ever be flying again.”


A Spain Pain

3 11 2011

Travelling through Spain, I found small hotel that looked very ethnic and like it would produce memorable experience. It was very small and only yielded about ten or so rooms, small pool and small lobby featuring small dining area where complimentary breakfast was served.

Scrunching all my things into the corner and next to the bed, I tried to enjoy the general feel of being in new place, but it started to feel that my feelings were cramped. Not only that, but I started to smell sewage and something rotten. Turning on the AC to get some air circulating through the room, I noticed that as the air came out as foul as ever, a brown liquid started dripping underneath the unit onto my things. Getting my stuff out of the way of this liquid and looking for something to collect it, I already knew that I had messed up.

The bathroom was even worse. It consisted of a very tiny toilet, a sink, and a stand up shower. The shower had bugs crawling through it and in and out of a huge gaping hole the shower head jutted out of. The toilet looked brown but showed its true white colour here and there. There was no clean water coming out of the shower or the toilet, just brown sewage smelling water. I spent the entire time huddled in my bed or out enjoying the sites. I tried to stay out of that nasty room as long as I could.

Toilet Conditions

2 11 2011

When going on holiday, you have a certain expectation of airplane service. Being in such a confined place, the condition of the toilets is very important. Any blockages will have pretty nasty results for the passengers of the airplane.

Flying to Spain in the summer of 2008, Natalie was looking forward to getting the flight out of the way and hitting the sunny beaches.  “On the plane I can usually get through the flight without using the toilet; however this time, I had drunk more liquid than usual so I got up to use the toilet.  Looking back I wish that I didn’t.  The toilet was completely blocked, and it appeared that other passengers had continued to use it despite this situation.  The resulting mess was overflowing onto the bathroom floor.  As the floor vibrated, the toilet contents were slowly moving towards the door.  Also, an enterprising passenger had made use of the sink as a temporary toilet.  Although most of it had gone down the plug, there was a large amount still around the rim.  And the smell!  I quickly got back out of the bathroom and told the air stewardess about what I had found.  I felt sorry for her as I knew that she would have to clean it.  I have to admit that from now on, on short-haul flights, I will make sure that I use the toilet before getting on the plane.”

The Undesirable Room

1 11 2011

Graduating from high school, I decided to spend the summer travelling. I came across several hotels, each providing different experiences. One such hotel was a total nightmare that I wish I could forget, but am glad that I have learned my lesson. The hotel was a larger hotel that had a much higher rate than some of the hole in the wall hotels that were located in Dallas, Texas. I figured since it was a higher level hotel that I would get some perks for my stay. It wasn’t too steep so my budget was fine, but it was just a high enough rate where you would think you were getting a great deal of quality.

Getting to my room, I noticed there was a puddle on the floor under a dripping leak in the ceiling. The room itself was a bit dingy and brown, smeared handprints all over everything. Walking through the room, I found holes in various areas, one even exposing wires that looked as if they had been chewed through. I went to bathroom to see what it looked like, and found a sink and tub full of sewage. It actually looked as if the room hadn’t been occupied in several months.

Making my way back out of room to head to front office, I noticed there was a black substance leaking down the wall in the corner behind the door. The room was so disgusting that I just had to get another hotel somewhere else.

Large Passenger

31 10 2011

Most airplane seats are not large, and the size of your neighbor will usually determine how comfortable your flight journey is.  When James Pike set off to Berlin, he ended up spending entire journey squashed against window.

“I was sitting in my seat when a rather very overweight lady approached and said that seat next to me was hers” James remembers.  “As she sat down she asked if the divider between seats moved up.  Fortunately for me it didn’t; nonetheless, this did not stop her using pretty much the whole of my seat, as well as her own.  She spread herself out and squashed me against the window for entire flight.  I guess if I was in the aisle seat, I could have at least used the space in the aisle a little when there were no people walking past.”

“I could not move for the whole flight, let alone get up to go to the toilet.  When the meal arrived, I was left with even less space.  My neighbor spread herself even further — to the point where I felt like suggesting that she use my table in front of my seat for her belongings.  Unfortunately the plane was full, so there was no chance of me moving seats.  Even if I had been able to, I doubt that I would have been able to get out of my seat to move due to the commotion it would have caused when my neighbor had to get up from her seat. I know that weight problem is yours, but my comfort is the priority especially if I have paid for my seat. ”

A European Poopapalooza

30 10 2011

My family went on a European vacation, attempting to have a good time and learn some new things. We were intending to learn a few things about history and the European culture, but we ended up learning a basic fact: hotels can be very disgusting no matter how much you pay.

We reserved a higher priced hotel since we had saved enough through the year to really enjoy ourselves. We figured that since we were paying so much we would relax in pure luxury and wouldn’t have to worry about unforeseen problems, however, we ended up dealing with more than at a lower priced hotel. When we got in the room, my kids immediately started complaining about the smell, which really was a bit foul. Getting sleeping arrangements together, we sat down and started looking through the TV when we were all caught by a strong odour. We were a bit concerned and eventually had to figure out.

Checking my toddler in the family first, we realized there was something wrong with the room. Sniffing it out, we were each led in different directions. When we each stopped, we all found the same culprit; there were piles of faeces in literally every nook and cranny of the room. I don’t know whether human or animal, but I know we weren’t going to stay in that room. We actually ended up getting an upgraded room due to the problem, which was nice, but we could have gone without the experience.